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Sports massage and soft tissue therapy for the outdoor athlete

Edge Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy

Led by Amanda (MSc, Dip SM) Edge launched in March 2018, and is a sports massage and soft tissue therapy service aimed particularly at the needs of the outdoors athlete. Whether you're in training for something big or a weekend warrior, we all need some maintenance from time to time. We have particular experience and knowledge in road cycling, mountainbiking, climbing, bouldering, moutaineering, fell, trail and road running, and the common injuries and niggles that come along with those sports.


Although termed "sports massage" this kind of massage and soft tissue therapy is suitable for anyone who does regular exercise, manual jobs or has soft tissue, muscular or general aches, pains.

Sports massage has several key areas of benefit;

  • General maintenance of tissues and muscles to prevent injury, aid recovery and reduce tension.

  • Rehabilitation from injury by reducing and preventing scar tissue and relaxing tension.

  • Recovery from events or heavy efforts and training to prevent  tensions developing.

  • Preparation for events, races or heavy efforts.

  • Wellbeing and mental health by aiding relaxation, reduction in muscular tension.

More about Sports Massage

All tissue and muscles within the body need a good blood supply for carrying oxygen and nutrients in order to function well and remove waste products and metabolites. The structured application of pressure and stroking tehniques used in Sports Massge have a pumping effect and help stimulate and assist good circulation. Sometimes, especially in the lower limbs (also most subject to the forces of gravity!) blood flow can become very slow and where there is much lower pressure Sports Massage can vastly increase the bloodflow and thus deliver fresh nutrients and remove metabolites faster than the body can on its own.

The body's lymphatic system is responsible for the removal or waste products from heavily worked, damaged or injured tissues. The lmyphatic system however is not a pressured arterial system like the circulatory system that deliveres blood and relies purely on musclcular movents to move the lymph along valved sysem and away from the sites of injury and wear (this is the basis behind the "recovery" run or ride etc). Sports massage assists the lymphatic system by manually moving the lymph away and towards the liver and kidneys where it can be disposed of by the body and ths aid recovery.

Also when we injure muscles through heavy efforts, or tendons and ligaments through trauma, scar tissue can develop. In the case of trauma this can be very overt with scar tissue being noticeable or visible. Through deep traverse friction and massage the scar tissues can be broken down allowing muscles to begin to function again or allow tendons and ligaments to repair in an appropriate way.

Effleurage/Pettrisage - standard massage techniques at varying levels of depth to stimulate bloodflow, venous return, reduce muscular tension.

Soft Tissue Release - a method of focused stretch. This method applies a deep stretch to a muscle that can only be achieved through manual intervention. Good for neck muscles, calves and quads.


Myofascial Release - separation of adhered tissues through deep focused pressure. Great for scar tissue.


Muscle Energy Techniques - Isometric resistance technique that encourages specific muscles to relax.


Neuro Muscular Techniques - or trigger-pointing. This is applying focused static pressure to tight painful nodule or band helping release and break down the adhered tissue.

Areas of additional interest

Having suffered with various sports injuries and ailments over the years, and from case studies, Amanda has a particular interest and expertise in the following areas in relation to sports massage and soft tissue therapies:

Plantar Fascitis


Headache and neck pain

Edge Sports Massage