About Edge Sports Massage

Set up in early 2018, Edge Sports Massage is a sports massage and soft tissue therapy service aimed at (but not limited to!) those of you who have a more outdoor sports focus. 

Having used and benefitted from sports massage myself for many years, I found  that where my therapist understood and had experience of my sports or activities the more they could empathise, tailor and develop the therapy to suit what I was trying to achieve or get back to doing. I often struggled to find therapists who were in love with the sports and activities I did, and so Edge was born.

The aim of Edge is to understand the body from the point of view of what you do with it. Becuase I understand and have experience in many of the activities the Peaks have to offer I can appreciate some of the wear and tear you put it through, the most common injuries and weak points and the general needs of your body when out climbing, running and riding.

I've always had an interest in the human body and it's capabilities since A-Levels in the 90's (thanks Mr Hobster!). At University I studied Psychology with a focus on biopsychology and neuroscience, and studied concepts of mental toughness and particularly the biological elements of mental toughness. I continued this via a scolarship at Exeter University for my Master's degree and furthered my knowledge and skills in biomechanics and physiology of sport and health.

My career took a turn towards health and since leaving University I have worked in Public Health, health promotion, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, service design and commissioning within the NHS before moving over to Active Travel and Cyling.

I have been active in all sorts of outdoor sports since my late teens, and while some of those I have done at a good level when I put effort into a single sport I generally enjoy just being a moderate hybrid outdoors athlete! I started climbing at University and enjoyed winters in Scotland and the Alps and have always been a frequenter of the edge's for some proper trad grit. I started fell/trail running back in the early 2000's, after discovering I preferred trails to bashing out half marathons on tarmac and started getting cadjoled into events like the Original Mountain Marathon (or KIMM as it was then!), the LAMM and Coastal Trail Series.


My love affair with the bike has been ever-present since commuting to work by bike for my first jobs in the Midlands, and started training out on the Warwickshire and Stratford lanes, setting my sights on the Fred Whitton. Several Fred's and Etape du Dales later I got more heavily drawn into the dark side, and moved over to Mountain Biking and built my beloved Cotic Soul for more Peak District adventures. Since then, and after moving to Sheffield a few years ago I've been falling in love with cross bikes and enjoy pedalling out the bridleways on my Kinesis.

I've always kept up a variety of sports in my life - usually accompanied by the ever energetic Maggie Moo, my Border-Jack trail dog, and enjoy being around people who share the love of those activities and being out in the Peaks playground.

Edge Sports Massage